I am Xenitro, born in Hong Kong, Studied mostly in Australia, now currently working offshore in Africa. Currently studying Architecture in Gold Coast, Australia since 2010. An important fact is,… Im a Gunpla, Plamo, Modelling, Photography nut ^^, I am always striving to better myself, improving myself through readings, trial and error, and pure experience. I currently mainly build Gundam and have built before Ships as well as Aircraft.
I also like RPG (Role Playing games). Mostly Final Fantasy. Thus the Final fantasy category and pages. However, They are mostly incomplete…^^”
Lately, as of 2009, I am learning and experiencing more and more about photography. Most of my shots come from Singapore and Australia currently. My immediate future plans for more shooting will be around Brisbane which is a fascinating place and slowly moving towards interstate and maybe one day, revisit New Zealand . !

My contact details are

Feel free to ask for quote for photography jobs/items =) . My location is Brisbane/Gold Coast, Australia.
If I do not reply within 2 days, please post a comment here. hotmail may block weird email addresses. My apologies.


One Response to “About”

  1. Tonzo Says:

    Xen please contact me ASAP re: tomorrow’s BBQ.

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