WordPress logo Fun

I had a read about this yesterday . I thought I would have some fun too and went to the beach nearby to take some shots. Its been awhile that I ve been here actually. Its the wynnum beach !. I might not be very fanciful. Enjoy the scenery . The sky is not the limit, only your imagination .

Im not sure if you re seeing what im seeing... A big W..

I'm not sure if you re seeing what im seeing... A big W..


36 Responses to “WordPress logo Fun”

  1. dkslate Says:

    A very good idea, but I chose the other one because most people look up (like for sky-writing) instead of down. Good job though!

  2. Raheel Says:

    Woaho! Fantastic.

  3. Xenitro Says:

    Thanks alot =) much appreciated for all your kind comments. I am absolutely stunned to have made it into the finals!. Good luck to everyone in the competition. Thank you also to those who voted for me.

  4. pitapata Says:

    I loved the beach thing, original and *natural*,haha.
    congrat for the good work! 🙂

  5. Xenitro Says:

    Thanks very much pitapata!

  6. PiedType Says:

    Loved your originality. Had voted for you even before I read your comment about the sky not being the limit. Love it!

  7. Mohammad Reza Sahel Says:

    good the color of photo is very good

  8. FL8 Says:

    Real good logo, I’ll vote on it!

  9. Simon Says:

    photo is very beautiful

  10. Eric Says:

    Nice although i do prefer the photo of the sky timmy

  11. No More GeoCities « Being Present Says:

    […] It also makes me think that the WordPress Logo sketched in the sand is tempting fate… […]

  12. yudiansyahputra Says:

    hallo…i need some logo to my wordpress…

  13. pdxoxo Says:

    I see it! Very interesting.. 🙂

  14. Xenitro Says:

    Thanks to all your kind comments everyone =D

  15. Michael Currin Says:

    I like the sand one.

    I see the W is the sky now!

  16. A.D.K. Says:

    I like the first image with the big W on the sand. The big W on the second image is little hard for seeing. But I saw it hehe 😛

  17. bibsuv Says:

    Its simple, yet unique.

  18. noors Says:

    Woaho! Fantastic. I like the first image W on the sand. cool.

  19. Ever Says:

    you got my vote

  20. edi cavalcante Says:

    I prefer the logo in the sky

  21. MB Says:

    very very innovative

  22. Tiong Pilo Says:

    Wow… I like both… Nice pics…

  23. Alan The Pizza Guy Says:

    I don’t see the W in the sky. I like the W in the sand the best.

  24. odanguito Says:

    very lovely… like you said: “The sky is not the limit, only your imagination”

  25. ali Says:

    l like it very good 😉

  26. regulardiet Says:

    i like it

  27. MUWAYI IDDI Says:

    This’s so nice nice friend. regards from Uganda.

  28. kartunmania Says:

    Good moment, nice picture…

  29. EmaillaDoto Says:

    Great Article , I considered it tremendous

    I look ahead to more similar postings like this one. Does This Blog have a RSS I can subscribe to for fresh posts?

  30. mohamedcyber Says:

    I like to the sea

  31. sandramoun Says:

    LIKE THIS!!!!so fresh

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