Weird things seen

Well A walk around HK has proved that HK is still new to me… here are some interesting things I saw today .
Well to start off with.. Hong Kong might be a small place.. with not many trees.. I saw an old shopkeeper watering flowers in his pot plants along side the road.THEN he watered the weed that was grown out of the ground.. and played with the weed using his hand abit…
I also saw students smoking.. which is quite common in HK. Then I saw two male adult students holding hands in school uniform.. ok… I dont know what to say.. I also saw another pair. of males. doing almost the same.. only 1 hand 1 finger in the others hand only…
OOoo I also saw a younger student speaking tagalog to his maid… haha.. tagalog is basically Filipino.
More things later =)


One Response to “Weird things seen”

  1. Tonzo Says:

    I’ve finally found time to have a quick read of your blog Xenitro. Keep up the good work, it was an interesting read. ^^ Look forward to meeting you when you get to Oz.

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