Bandai World Gundam Competition

Thhattsss right, You heard (read) it. Bandai _WORLD_ Gundam Competition. Even though I have read it recently, I have completely forgotten to post it here. ^^”

Basically. This is an online Competition, just send in your pics, and you are done!
There are 4 categories that you can enter
1) Coolest free-style Gunpla
2) Cutest Super-Deformed (SD) Gundam
3) Coolest Gundam diorama
4) Most amusing Gunpla

Prizes? Unannounced yet. However, we know that it will be _exclusive_ Gundam merchandise for this competition
Send your entry in before November 1st.
For me? I will be competing. I have just decided that I will be, even though I will only arrive back in September, and having STAT on 10th October, it ll be a good test to see my rush skills. ^^. Hopefully I dont have to rush things too much. I mean.. I have to buy / set up compressor.. order paints.. I ll do my best ^^. I can actually start building as soon as i get my had on the kit.
My entry will most likely be a Sinanju GM , (Decided on theme and dio if have time )…

Good luck to all those competing.! kupo


2 Responses to “Bandai World Gundam Competition”

  1. Gaijin Gunpla Says:

    If I can finish this damn Sinanju by November 1st, I will submit it. Another reason to pick up the pace, ne.

  2. Xenitro Says:

    Hey, GaiGun. Does Evil Cow Forums work for you? Its been down again today for me =S .
    Dont worry, you can finish it =) … you make me worry about if I can finish it >_< . I ll only have 1 month to get all supplies, set up, and do it.. and create a nice entry!

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